Building Geometry from Topographical Data

1. Topographical diagram of a selected territory
(The diagram shows selected points on the map and their distance from current sea level.)

2. Compression of the different diagrams into one 3D object
(The selected diagrams were processed by the Agisoft photoscanning software. This software builds 3D geometry from image data. It recognizes them as photographs taken from the same focuspoint showing the same image, only with small differences.)

3. The glass replica, 2017

Second Group


The cross section diagrams of the Danube river (1821 - 1822 km) were retrieved from the Slovak National Archive

Slovak National Archive, Management of watercourses and amelioration, Danube plant, Bratislava Bosáková 16., Project: Dredging on the 1821 - 1822 km, Cross sections M = 1: 100/1000 [Slovenský národný archív, Správa vodných tokov a meliorácii, Závod Dunaj, Bratislava Bosáková 16., Projekt: Bagerovanie v km 1821 – 1822, Priecné profily M = 1: 100/1000]


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