Vertical Acoustics at Residency Unlimited

live performance with Emily Verla Bovino at Residency Unlimited, Brooklyn, NY, USA, 2017



Performative lecture by artist and art historian Emily Verla Bovino about collaborative archaeoacoustic research on a cross-country drive from San Diego to New York. Driving from the West to the East Coast of the US, we visited sites and gathered field recordings at Chaco Canyon in New Mexico, Spiro Mounds in Oklahoma, Angel Mounds in Indiana and the Serpent Mound (visited by artist Robert Smithson) in Ohio. The sounds of these sites were incorporated into a performative lecture that took place after the performance at the Residency Unlimited in 2017


site-specific installations and live performances with 6 artists from Budapest

active years 2007-2013


>>for internet radio and scroll montage>>

with Mobile Irony Valve




András Blazsek | Vortex (2013)
with Martin Blaziícek (Video), Axel Pulgar (Video)

Dirk Rothbrust, Percussion

Studio Ensemble musikFabrik



Synesthesia (2012)

live performance with Martin Blazícek


Relocate Buildng (2009)

live performance with DAC

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