∂ topological landscapes - The letter ∂ is mainly used as a mathematical symbol to denote boundary in general topology.

Rife Instruments 2011 - 2015

The work titled ∂ topological landscapes consists of three smaller projects regarding the research on Raymond Royal Rife's healing instruments. This page features a sound performance called amigzaj-five - chronologically it is the fifth audio piece that was made by amigzaj - and it was preformed at gallery LACE in Los Angeles in 2012



2015 - online performance at Ephemeral Transfer Station Budapest, for your local time Europe 6PM

2015 - live performance at Horizon Gallery Budapest, Hungary

2012 - live performance at LACE, Los Angeles, USA

2011 - live performance at the wulf, Los Angeles, USA

more info > amigzajfive.blog

Spectogram of the online performance in Budapest, 2015 (follow the link for the sound track)
Performance at LACE, Los Angeles, 2012 (image credit: Christopher Steven Wormald)


Audio Instruments and a Faraday cage, 2012
work in progress, 2011
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