Synaesthesia – Extension of Perception for the Blind, Visually Impaired and Sighted


András Blazsek’s sound-object is a result of interviews made with people living with visual impairment, asking them about their perception. One of them contributed to the piece with his own field recording, which is an aural reconstruction of his memorable experience related to perception.

ZSOLT AHAD SŐRÉS: András Blazsek’s sounding table installation is more than the poetic moment stiffened and “extended” with the babbling of water and environmental noises, as stated in the interview excerpt placed next to it. Excerpt from one of the interviews: “…speech-synthesis moves within a spectrum of some sort of limited sound-frequency, and this frequency spectrum is truly quite narrow, because this is done by the program, which generates these patterns in a way that is as sparing as possible. As for the quantity of data, the perception of this frequency spectrum is advantageous for us, and the babbling water has a very rich frequency spectrum, with everything in it, and since our brains are trained for such sounds, thus, the babbling of the stream attracts the spectrum to that which is attractive, or to which it is accustomed”.








SZINESZTÉZIA/ 2B Gallery Budapest

Installation view at the 2B Gallery, 2012



SYNESTEZJA/ Galeria Labirynt Lublin

Installation view at the Galeria Labirynt Lublin, 2013