Temporal extention of one instantaneous end (extention time optional)

Live music, stage installation and live video

The sonic elements featured in the installation are derived from microphones planted within two analogic tape recorders. These devices, invented for the documentation, preservation and conservation of sound, are used to provide the "voices" that play protagonist to the piece: streamed through a computer, the sounds are subtly manipulated and played back onto surrounding speakers, thus accentuating specific defining characteristics of the devices themselves. The resulting composition circles around the machines, situated at the center of a sculptural formation that consists of four speakers, two tape recorders (Akai 4000 DS and Tesla B 100) and usually a small neon strip lamp on supporting structure.


amigzaj-three ( track automation view ) 2011


2013 - audio-visual performance with Dirk Rothbrust, Martin Blažíček and Axel Pulgar on Electronic Gate Cologne - eine Vortex Performance, MusikFabrik, Cologne, Germany

2012 - audio-visual performance with Martin Blažíček, Project Synesthesia, 2B Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2011 - audio-visual performance with Martin Blažíček, Klangmanifeste, Echoraum, Vienna, Austria

2010 - audio-visual performance with Martin Blažíček, Labor Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2010 - audio-visual performance, Skolska 28 Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic

2010 - installation, Open Studio event, Karlin Studios, Prague, Czech Republic


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